How much does the average website cost?

Ah, the age-old question whose definitive answer has eluded us for over two decades, “How much does an average website cost?”

Being from the computer programming world at the time when websites were first being created, this question has obviously come across my radar on numerous occasions. When I first started building websites, it was me asking the question. Now, after 20 years in the website business, I believe I have answered this question more times than the Army asked me my Social Security number (and that’s a lot).

It was 1996 and the popularity of the public web was growing rapidly with aol and yahoo leading the way. I worked for a small internet magazine in Oklahoma and had an idea for a website. My idea was to take a database of local businesses with websites and stick them into a searchable online website. I couldn’t find a designer that could do what I wanted to do, let alone a cost estimate.  Thus began my journey to learn html, php and sql; the languages required to make my local search engine a reality.

Once I learned how to create websites, I was able to approach other businesses to offer my help in setting up a website. I knew I could help, but had no idea what to charge for a website. One of the first websites I built for money went for just $100 to a Canadian cleaning and restoration company. There were several in that range and slightly higher in the beginning.

As the demand for websites grew, it was obvious that I needed a consistent way to estimate the cost of building a website for our customers, especially since that age-old question kept popping up, “How much does an average website cost?” Well, I couldn’t answer that question because there wasn’t much research posted on the web yet. We knew what WE would charge for a website, but we thought it would be nice to know how our prices compared to other development companies around the U.S. By this time we had decided to charge for our work on a per hour basis and we had a really good idea how many hours each part of a website takes us. Therefore, as we have done so many times, we built a way to estimate the cost of building a website and called it Website Estimator.

Now, saying all that, we have seen website designers and design companies come and go over the past 20 years. We’ve paid attention to what many of them are charging and have gathered our own data. Now armed with our own findings we are once again curious, ‘What does the average website cost?’ We want to know if our prices are in line with the rest of the country. Finally, and I mean finally, I have found what I have been looking for.

A recent google search reveals that several different sources are reporting average website prices similar to what we have been charging for the past 10 years, well kinda.  You see, for years the averages we found being reported were absolutely ridiculous. Prices like $1,000,000 for a website… WAIT… yes, like the ACA website that cost us all a cool $2 Billion. I would’ve built that website for $2 Million and saved us all $998 Million. So all in all we have ignored the estimates we’ve found, UNTIL NOW.

We found that multiple sources are reporting that an average business website costs $2,000 – $3,500. With custom programming, database integration and a custom CMS (Control Panel), the estimates average $9,000 – $16,000.

Our final answer is still, ‘it depends’, but at least we have several sources who are using logical variables and are coming up with logical prices. Further research has determined that the average hourly rate that most of the estimates are based on are around $100 per hour with websites taking from 20 to 100 hours or more to complete all facets of a complete website development and launch.

I hope that our research has helped you understand that age-old question that eluded us for so long.  Like I said, our answer is usually, ‘from FREE to $10,000’ or ‘it depends’. If you have questions on how much a website would cost your company or project, please give me a call or drop me an email. I’d love to answer any questions you might have.

Our Focus on Police & Crime

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about listening to a police scanner radio?

> Police and Crime
> Fire and Rescue
> Severe Weather
> Missing Persons
> Safety and Awareness

If you picked Police and Crime, then you’ll like our coverage of this type of news.

We do much more than just share someone else’s news, as some might think.

Not only do we share all relavent crime and police related stories, but in some permissible instances, we also provide current crime alerts before the story even breaks.

The scanner stream we provide is a Breaking News source that is sometimes used by others. We love it. We are all working together to inform the community and it does not matter who gets it first. Accuracy is more important than speed, everytime, in our book.

We also provide follow-up on certain crime stories, so that our readers get more than the standard press release.

We tend to dig deeper into the issues, looking for that which normally goes unnoticed.

We stand up for the little guy, against the bully and we take action.

We also despise gross injustice when it comes to the system.

We have several veteran criminal investigators with us at TEAM SCANNER who are relentless in their pirsuit of truth and are unbelievable at discovery of lies and half-truths.

You can expect some incredible journalistic and investigatory work to come out of our busy Police & Crime Division headed up by Mariah Brady and Sandy Long.

Another benefit of listening to and following the scanner is Neighborhood Awareness.  We believe it’s better to be aware of your surroundings than to be blindsided. A thief, a sexual predator, a child abductor… don’t you want to know if those kinds of crimes and criminals are nearby? You have a right to know.

Awareness and Preparedness are keys.

Our police officers are out there fighting crime, and doing things some can’t imagine!

We back the blue and encourage you to.

Please remember, intentional or not, NEVER interfere in a crime or accident scene.

Our Missing Persons Division

by Brian Hale, SCANNER NEWS

The impact of our focus on Amber Alerts and Missing Persons cases has not gone unnoticed. Our team of dedicated volunteers at Scotts Bluff County Scanner have helped in the search and/or return of several runaways and other missing persons over the past year. We felt it was important to partner with Amber Alert and NMEMC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to get their updates immediately so that we can pass them along to the community.

When we first looked into broadcasting the police scanner feed, we believed that most people would listen to the scanner and follow our Facebook page because of the coverage we provide on Police and Crime. Indeed, there is a real interest in finding out who’s in trouble for what. Many of you may enjoy watching LivePD or COPS episodes, like we some of us do. That’s not because we are criminals.  It’s not because we want to go stick our noses in someone else’s trouble.  We provide our service free of charge to the community because we care about people.

However, we did NOT realize how much impact we have in helping locate runaways and missing children and adults, and in praying for and consoling the family during the search process. After helping bring a couple of these runaways home, we realized how helpful the scanner project is to the community. We are humbled by the family members appreciation for what we do to help and we are very thankful to the members in our community for the help they give us. It’s the people who have the power to get the information out there quickest.

If you would like to join Team Scanner, we have several fantastic people to work with in our Missing Persons Division headed up by Bobbie Braddock and Melissa Aguilar. Simply contact us in a variety of ways through social media or our website, or just email

Vision, Mission, and Values

by Brian Hale, SCANNER NEWS


Our Vision is to develop the largest volunteer news organization on the planet by setting up scanner communities like ours all across the country.


Our Mission is to stay informed as Citizens, to keep others informed when appropriate, to support our law enforcement officials and first responders, and to hold our public officials accountable.


We believe that developing relationships with people in the community is a vital part of what we do. We believe in helping others, and we want to work with others that are willing to make a difference in the community.


  • To provide the highest quality listening stream possible with a full-time engineer as equipment host.
  • To provide Breaking News and information in our 5 primary categories in a timely manner, with more of the story than the standard press release, through our Facebook page and other social media.
  • To encourage adult conversation, even debate, without the typical bullying found on Facebook.
  • To continue to build our network of volunteers who want to make a difference in the community by joining TEAM SCANNER.

Weather Spotter Training

by Brian Hale, Scanner News

(Scottsbluff, Neb) We take severe weather warnings very seriously at Scotts Bluff County Scanner. We are constantly scanning weather maps, radars, and other Warning Systems to help the community in case of any severe weather event. However, please keep in mind that we are a team of part-time citizen volunteers, and are NOT an official NOAA broadcast outlet. Our scanner license is to broadcast police and ems only, so we leave the weather to our friends at KNEB and the National Weather Service.

We are pleased to announce that we have 2 trained veteran weather spotters on our team with 4 others planning to attend the training shown below.  Our goal is to have multiple volunteer weather spotters in order to do the best job for the community. The more eyes we have out there to protect the community, the better! We highly recommend this course to anyone interested in severe weather.

There is also an online course offered through the website listed below which carries the description; 

This course covers the basics of being a SKYWARN Spotter. The goal of the course is to provide baseline training for all spotters through multiple modules covering the procedures for spotting (including communication and spotter report criteria) and safety considerations for all hazards.”

At the end of this course, learners should be able to:
  • Describe the role of the SKYWARN Spotter
  • Identify examples of proper safety while spotting during specific spotting scenarios
  • Identify reportable events and criteria for reporting
  • List the seven required pieces of information to communicate when making a spotter report
  • Demonstrate how to make clear and succinct spotter reports
  • Identify from a photo or video important visual features to report

This course is designed for any individual who is interested in becoming a registered SKYWARN Spotter or learning more about the SKYWARN Spotter program and is free of charge to all individuals.

For more information about the course, or to sign up online, visit

All of us at the Scotts Bluff County Scanner look forward to serving the community during the upcoming severe weather season. Thank you for following and sharing our facebook page with everyone you know who has ever lived in the area.

Brian Hale, owner of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing was born and raised in Scotts Bluff County and has been in the business of custom programming since 1978, building websites since 1996 and mobile applications since 2012.  He can be reached at 940 224-6315 or

Help Stop Bullying

by Brian Hale, Chief Editor Scanner News

(Scottsbluff, Neb) Sad news has once again hit the community as we’ve lost another young person to a potential suicide by bullying. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either and our small community is not the only one affected in Nebraska. 

Nebraska Life Expectancy reports that the CDC statistics portray a glum outlook on the causes of death across the country. We were shocked to learn that Suicide is the #1 cause of death in Nebraska between the ages of 15-24, 25-34 and 35-44! 

*** NOTICE ***

The owners and volunteers of the Scotts Bluff County Scanner fullly support the Anti-Bullying campaigns in our community and nationwide, and are committed to generating more awareness of the dark truths caused by all types of bullying.

Suicide should be a serious problem for everyone, not just those directly involved (this time). 
Next time it could be us, or it could be you experiencing the pain of losing someone close because we failed to stand up and do something or say something. 

Why wouldn’t you want to get involved in a kid’s life?  

Isn’t the possibility of making a positive difference, or maybe even saving a life, worth our effort? 

According the the CDC, “Students who bully others, are bullied, or witness bullying are more likely to report high levels of suicide-related behavior than students who report no involvement in bullying (Center for Disease Control, 2014).”

There are several really good websites that are packed with information of the impact of bullying. You’ll find a great resource below at
It’s time to TAKE A STAND for these kids! Do something, say something, and please share this article and anything else we post on our facebook newsfeed, twitter feed, instagram account, or other social media networks.

Brian Hale, owner of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing was born and raised in Scotts Bluff County and has been in the business of custom programming since 1978, building websites since 1996 and mobile applications since 2012.  He can be reached at 940 224-6315 or

Listen Online!

Welcome to the area’s up-and-coming, on-the-spot breaking news service powered by the Scotts Bluff County Scanner Board led by Brian Hale and Brandon Ritterbush.

LISTENING to the Scotts Bluff County Scanner without a physical scanner has been made possible by Hale Multimedia and friends since 2009.

Download any popular police scanner app

Just visit your favorite app store and search for ‘police scanner’. Once you have a third party app, just search for Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska. 

If you prefer to avoid downloading anything to your phone, you should consider the following ways to listen;

Use the Web Player from Broadcastify

Listen via our Website by Hale Multimedia

If you visit our website from your pc or tablet, keep in mind that you will get our Scanner News website that has links to several ways to listen, found easily on the top left. Visiting via mobile renders our mobile app.

Speaking of that, you may want to try out our own SBCS MOBILE APP (that magically does not have to be downloaded to your phone).

SBCS Mobile brings it all together into one easy to use lightweight app where you can LISTEN to the scanner, follow and interact with us on Facebook, check out our Latest Tweets, read our Scanner News, view Photos and More, Learn about SBCS and even request to join Team Scanner!

Just visit our website from your smartphone to automatically get our mobile app, shown here.

Simply use your Add to Home Screen function and a shortcut icon will be placed on your phone for easy access.
There are yet, even more ways to listen. Any internet connected device that can pull up the web can tune. For instance, one worth mentioning might be all the TV devices that can access the web. All one has to do is pull up our website and click to listen!

Our 5 Primary Categories (Divisions)

by Brian Hale, Chief Editor Scanner News

(Scottsbluff, Neb) The panhandle of Nebraska has always had a multitude of media choices and we understand that. We know that the Twin Cities does not need another news source, especially one similar to all the rest. With all the many local sources, combined with even more social media sources, we felt the community needed a FILTER.

Our human filters are the key.

Instead of being another news source competing for the press release, the Scotts Bluff County Scanner takes advantage of the numerous news sources to choose from, constantly scanning facebook and filtering out the stuff that does not fit into one of our 5 main categories below.

Once all the junk is filtered, our followers get only the news that applies to these categories.
  1. Police and Crime
  2. Fire and Rescue
  3. Severe Weather
  4. Missing Persons
  5. Public Safety
OK, other than being a filter, how is Scotts Bluff County Scanner different?

  • We not only share pertinent news stories from local and national news sources, but we also generate news on many occasions. 
  • There have been many times that our community of followers makes us aware of potential news events. 
  • Sometimes news develops from listening directly to the scanner. 
  • There are even times when one of our volunteer citizen reporters are able to be on scene before anyone else. 
  • As citizens, we also feel the duty to hold our public officials accountable by being the community watchdog that stands up for the common citizen. 

That’s how Scotts Bluff County Scanner is different.

Thank you for Liking, Following and Sharing @sbcoscanner on facebook, twitter, instagram, and this article on Scanner News!

SBCS Terms of Usage

By viewing, using or interacting with Scotts Bluff County Scanner or any of it’s agents or investigators, you are agreeing to our Terms of Usage outlined below.
established MARCH 2018; updated NOVEMBER 2020

We established our official Terms of Usage on March 1, 2018 for Scotts Bluff County Scanner, also known as SBCS at our first official organizational meeting. We feel that our policies are very straightforward and are based on common sense and decency.  Since these new Terms of Usage came into effect in 2018, you may find posts prior to March 1, 2018 that are not in accordance with our news terms. We encourage you to privately contact us to make us aware, so that we may then take appropriate action on the old post.  We try hard to avoid any posts that are inappropriate or slanted in either direction politically, or otherwise divisive in nature.

Our Rights

As the owners and administrators of Scotts Bluff County Scanner, we reserve the right to remove any visitor post to the page or comment that we deem inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, comments that appear bullying in nature, contain inappropriate language, are blatantly disrespectful toward an individual or a group, are racist, attacking or threatening.

SBCS reserves the right to “ban” anyone from our page for any reason, usually after review by at least two SBCS Board Officers.

Policy on Banned Users

If you have found yourself in the odd predicament of being banned from the SBCS facebook page, there is a way to possibly regain access. The SBCS Board of Directors is willing to review your case. Applicants will submit a written statement explaining why they believed they were banned, an apology for the action that resulted in the ban and a pledge to play nice.  The SBCS Board Officers will make the final decision and take appropriate action.

Posts You Don’t Like

If you see any particular post you don’t like because you disagree with it or in the reason why we posted it, you do not have to unfollow our page (or get banned for an inappropriate comment). Simply click on the little arrow in the top right of the post and click on “turn off notifications”. That way you will not be bothered with updates from that post.  If you do not like us in general or just want to be critical of HOW we manage our page, then we suggest you do unfollow. This is not a popularity or beauty contest, and we are all volunteers with real jobs in the real world.

Public Safety and Crime Scene Integrity

The safety of our officers, first responders and the general public is a top priority at SBCS, especially during an active scene. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE everyone to AVOID the scene, but IF you do find yourself at one, ALWAYS respect and obey the perimeter officers on duty.  You will learn more by staying home and simply listening to the scanner and following our news feeds. SBCS has a team of editors that are updating constantly, sometimes before other media sources in the area. Solving crimes and reconstructing accident scenes require the gathering of much evidence so crime scene integrity is a high priority.


Community Involvement and Awareness

We believe the power of knowledge and community awareness is in the people of the community. We believe in a concept called Crowdsourcing. It’s the people in the Community getting involved to make a difference.  We all know that those who pledge to Protect and Serve us are underpaid, understaffed and under appreciated and lately, under attack! We want to help.  We back the blue and we encourage the community to be involved in a way that discourages crime, helps those who are struggling and cooperates with law enforcement.

To get notifications on a post, do not use a period(.) to follow a post. To get notifications on a post, simply click the arrow in the top right corner of the post and then click “get notifications for this post”.

Policy on Victim’s Names and Other Sensitive Information

Our policy on Victim’s names is to NEVER post anything heard over the scanner or social media. We do NOT post patient information on accident posts. First Responders and Dispatchers are NOT allowed to give names over the open broadcast channels, anyway. If we have a story on someone, it’s because we have contacted the family directly and made absolute sure that we have their approval to post their name(s) or any other information. Our service contains a serious human element and we pledge to be compassionate and respectful.

We do allow family members to post updates on victims of accidents and/or their name and victims may post updates on themselves. SBCS reserves the right to hide or delete any comment that might infringe on a Victim or family’s privacy, whether it be untimely or just inappropriate.

Policy on Photos

Please do not post crime or accident scene photos to our page. You may send them by messaging the page, using the Send Message button.

Posting Severe Weather photos to our page as a visitor or as a post is allowed unless other inappropriate.

Use caution while driving at all times, obeying local and state laws. We do NOT encourage taking photos while driving unless a hands free device or mount is used.

Policy on Fundraisers

Please do not generally post fundraisers or requests for fundraisers to our page. You may send them by messaging the page, using the Send Message button. We will discuss it and take appropriate action, but approval is not guaranteed.

PRESS RELEASE : Scanner Group Forms Volunteer Organization

(SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb.) The idea of private citizens listening to local police and emergency scanner traffic is certainly nothing new. At the current time, there are more than 6,500 scanner feeds worldwide that can be listened to through an internet connection, reaching an average of 35,000 listeners at any given time.

Twelve years ago the only way to listen to the police scanner from Scotts Bluff County was to own a physical scanner and program in the channels you wanted to listen to. Today you can click on a link at and start listening instantly, thanks to some local volunteers.

The idea of doing something more for Scotts Bluff County first came about in 2009 when Brian Hale, an entrepreneur and local media business owner, was approached by a friend with the idea of acquiring the license to broadcast the live scanner signal over the internet, like several other counties in Nebraska were already doing. 

“We did some research, applied for the license, installed some software and we were up and running from my friend’s garage in Scottsbluff in a few days,” according to Hale. 

The official formation of the group known as Scotts Bluff County Scanner (SBCS) took place on March 1, 2018 at the Scottsbluff Fairfield Inn with six volunteers members physically present and several others via conference call. Under the leadership of Brian Hale, the group formed a Board of Directors of 12 individuals who then elected their Officers and settled on a mission statement.

Their stated goal is “To stay informed, keep the public informed, and to hold our public officials accountable.”

The group focuses on five major areas of interest; Police & Crime, Fire & Rescue, Severe Weather, Missing Persons, and Public Safety & Awareness.

Hale said they use a variety of media to get their alerts out to the community, but their Facebook page has a tremendous group of followers and continues to steadily grow. The group also can be found on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Google Blogger, and the web at 

Their live scanner stream can be accessed from any police scanner app via your favorite app store, through their Facebook page, Twitter account or their website at via any web connected device.